Thinking about signing up for The Town Doctor® but want to learn more about the idea and how a direct primary care practice can benefit you, your family or business before you commit?

Read on.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is becoming a popular way for consumers to buy healthcare in an affordable way directly from a clinician they trust. DPC connects the clinician and consumer within the healthcare system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to high-quality, accessible care enabling them to get they answers they need from a specific clinician in their community. 

The concept of purchasing healthcare directly is re-designing the healthcare landscape to encourage relationships between consumers and clinician, and for people to become more knowledgeable about how they purchase their healthcare & wellness services.

Here are the Direct Primary Care basics: The Town Doctor® offers a certain number of "shares" to the public. Typically the share consists of visits, but other additional services may be included. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a "membership") and in return receive primary care services inclusive of the majority of their primary and preventative care needs.

This arrangement creates several rewards for both the clinician and the consumer.



  • Real Advocate. Allows for a direct relationship with a clinician that knows YOU personally.
  • Real Access. We make connecting easy through both office & technology visits. Without the wait!
  • Real Transparent. Includes wholesale & discounted labs, imaging, medications, wellness services, products and more!
  • Real Care. Optimizing your performance for a Healthier YOU!



  • More time with people building relationships 
  • Opportunities to build a meaningful, clinical knowledge of a persons health
  • Lower panel of patients increasing the quality of care provided
  • Opportunity which allows to sustain practice overhead costs



WHAT IS The TOWN DOCTOR® Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) provides a comprehensive primary care solution supporting health & longevity that is personal, and customized just for you. Just The Town Doctor® and the patient. No middle man. No hassles. Premium Primary and Preventative care at an affordable price. Direct Primary Care is an innovative primary care membership model that is accepted by patients, physicians, employers, payers and policymakers across the United States. 

The Town Doctor® standard promotes a high-quality practice that strives to steward resources, promote balance, and conserve healthcare dollars by removing the red-tape and third party payers that are driving up costs, and controlling medical decisions. Choosing great care can be complicated, too many hoops and not enough information to help you make an educated choice. We can help


Our expert clinical team takes a proactive approach to harmonizing medicine, nutrition, & exercise through an individualized, customized & coordinated care plan to optimize your overall health & healing. 

Much of the healthcare industry provides a reactive solution to healthcare created by a sick-care culture with unhealthy habits and poor nutrition. The Town Doctor® puts the patient at the center and shifts the focus to address the full range of influences that affect a person's health. We put health in front of medicine intentionally - that's our focus. Our emphasis on treating & enhancing the whole person through the the promotion of good health in 3 keys areas of food, fitness, and performance.


The Town Doctor® provides exceptional person-centered care by removing the restrictions & red tape that surrounds a traditional healthcare model. We choose to work directly for YOU, and eliminate the bureaucracy and administrative burden which then allows us to spend more time with you, providing high quality care & the continuity every person deserves! It enables us to build a trusted relationship with you over time and combined with our clinical expertise surpasses what is available through other systems of care. We choose not to take insurance so that we can work with you, and so you can also benefit from the discounted lab work & imaging along with many other cost-saving opportunities.

Can I benefit from The Town Doctor® if I don't need frequent medical attention?

Absolutely. We champion wellness and customize care personalizing the primary care experience to YOU specifically. It’s what we do best. Our proactive, insurance free approach focus’ on building a relationship with you though a relaxed atmosphere, unhurried visits and ability to answer questions allowing us to compose an individual, personal & clinical knowledge of your health. If you need us for your immediate or reactive needs, we are available for that too! We have found that it is much less expensive to focus preventatively on keeping you healthy, then when sick later on. And no matter whether you are in Nashville, Lebanon, Mount Juliet, the mountains or the beach, you have the flexibility to call, text or email a clinician that knows you well for expert support or advice.

Why is there a membership fee?

Through this direct pay model, we can offer the majority of your primary care for a simple, up front fixed price and in a more efficient way. It also allows us the freedom to offer you fair and affordable prices helping you avoid big, unexpected insurance bills for your primary care. 

Will I need insurance if I join The Town Doctor®?

You have choices. While our office will not be participating directly or billing insurance, The Town Doctor® will keep patients first, and together we will decide what options may be best for you. Insurance or no insurance, direct primary care can save you time, money and a whole lot of hassle when it comes to your primary care. The Town Doctor® can provide up to 90% of your healthcare needs in more affordable ways than an insurance-based practice.

Direct Primary Care isn't a replacement for insurance, but it can have an impact on how much or the cost of insurance you do need. When The Town Doctor’s® fee is paired with a high deductible medical plan & Health Savings Account (HSA), or with a health cost sharing option, it can be found to save thousands of dollars per year. It’s important to have the financial protection for the unexpected hospital visit, or specialist should you need it. We suggest it. 


How can I find insurance I can afford?

We are more than happy to provide a recommendation for a professional health insurance advisor that will help you customize a suitable plan that fits you, your family, or business in the best way possible. We have found our patients and business' are saving on their coverage when pairing it with The Town Doctor®

Can I use my FSA or HSA?

Some of our fees are reimbursable. This is one smart method of paying for your health care needs with pre-tax dollars. The retainer fee is not defined as a medical expense but there is lobbying  by the American Academy of Private Physicians to be able to deduct these expenses. Please see your tax or financial advisor for additional information for your individual situation.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are employer defined. We always refer our patients back to their employer to be sure that medical services are eligible under their particular FSA.


Yes.  Following your initial month, you may cancel your membership with a written 30 day notice (letter or email). Due to our limited patient panel or waiting lists we do not suspend memberships, and can not guarantee re-enrollment following a cancellation. 

How do I find out if The Town Doctor® is right for me?

Check us out! We welcome you to schedule a free consultation to discuss your healthcare needs. We think it's important to get to know who's taking care of you. Contact us here!