MIDDLE TENNESSEE'S LEADING DIRECT PRIMARY CARE PRACTICE provides a wholesome, sustainable and handcrafted healthcare solution merging old fashioned medicine with modern technology that is personal, and customized just for you.    

Premium Primary and Preventative care at an affordable price. 

Get high-quality care, and say good bye to wasted time. Our diverse team of experts has one big thing in common: we think getting high-quality healthcare should be SIMPLE. That's why we make connecting easier. Through time spent with you and many ways to connect we provide you the attentive care you need most, saving you time AND money.


In 2016, with nearly 20 years of healthcare experience, Dr. Robert Steves III and his family established The Town Doctor® in Lebanon, TN as the first step towards making high quality primary & wellness care more accessible to the community. Doctoring is no easy task – it requires relationship, research, evaluation, and a whole lot of hard work to be successful.

Independent medical practices, like the rest of the healthcare industry is suffering, as consumers turn to large institutions and insurance driven solutions for their primary care needs. In order to combat the trend, we needed to create a reason for consumers to support their local doctor without the red tape and hassle. Believing strongly that sustainable primary care has an important place in our healthcare system, we decided to do things differently. Our solution is The Town Doctor®, an improved design to restore the clinician-patient relationship and provide the clinician with an opportunity to communicate and care for consumers proactively, and right at the point of purchase. It’s not just about providing primary care, but recognizing the vital, and complementary roles that each part of us plays. By creating and nourishing people without the rush, The Town Doctor® understands caring for people isn’t just something we do –it’s who we are. Getting to know people uniquely and designing care to help them reach their peak performance is rewarding for all of us.

Our direct primary care model disrupts the status quo and traditional shopping of healthcare by transforming stagnant care into an exceptional experience that breathes life into both people, families and the doctor that takes care of them. We are a sustainable primary care oasis who believes in educating healthcare consumers of their choices, and our belief is that proper care starts first when built on a relationship with a clinician who KNOWS YOU well. Our practice focuses’ on people, and intentionally putting health before medicine. At the top of our priorities is the stewardship of our bodies, our healthcare dollars and the overall health of our practice. 

One of our goals is to help educate a future generation of physicians, while providing top-class care to both our children and grandchildren. To support a healthy clinician-patient relationship, we provide many ways to connect so you too can feel like you have a ‘doctor in the family’. We wouldn’t want it any other way, and continue to refine the model to push family-friendly direct primary care practices to new levels of expertise. We invite you to join our mission to develop high performing, economically enhancing primary care. We work hard, play hard, and believe that what we are doing is worthwhile, life-giving, and important to growing healthy communities.

At The Town Doctor, we’re more than just your doctor. We’re your neighbor. And since we live the area, more of the money you spend stays in our local community, while the money we help you save is kept in your pocket. Consumer response has been strongly positive, as the impact of our care changes the landscape and design of their health, wellness and the way they pay for it. Your support of The Town Doctor® makes our community a better place to live, and we thank you for that.

This is our story. We have the time to hear yours.