Direct Primary Care



Our innovative direct primary care model defines the importance of whole person preventive & wellness care, active management of chronic disease, and the trusted relationship between the clinician and the patient. It embraces the way of serving people through improved access, and exceptional healthcare in a more affordable way, 


Our care is personal, and we’ve created space for relaxed visits. Whether it's on the phone, email or an in-office evaluation, we have time for your questions providing nourishing care, without the rush. 


Yes, it’s true! We know you don’t only get sick, or need us between 9am and 5pm. With additional ways to communicate through text, email and video visits, we are available to serve you with increased access to address your primary care needs. It's just one of the ways we customize care! For time sensitive or urgent questions, call the clinician directly.

SAME & Next Day Acute Care Scheduling

We feel you are important, and we’ll treat you that way. Sick? No need to wait weeks for an appointment, and no need for you to feel like we have to  ‘squeeze you in’. Appointments include virtual visit appointments, and texting so we are sure you are taken care of. If we cannot address your medical concern over the phone, or your need requires an evaluation we'll plan a time to meet you at the office.

Full Access via Technology

We’ve created additional ways for you to communicate with us. You will have the ability to text, email, call, or videoconference directly with The Town Doctor® clinician. We are raising the standard in how we communicate with those we care for.  We provide support & medical advice in many ways, and each interaction allows us to get to know you better! We view the ability to connect and build relationship comes in many ways that expand our clinical knowledge of you and serves to provide support, medical advice and follow up. Happily, we don’t even collect co-pays for each of these interactions, and keep it SIMPLE. 

In-Office Diagnostics & Procedures

A few of the many tests done in the office are EKG, Urinalysis, Laceration Repair, Cryotherapy, Breathing treatments, Joint Injections, Pulse Oximetry, Ear Irrigation and Small Lesion Removal. 

*medication, pathology or supply fee applied if necessary



One of the financial benefits that makes The Town Doctor® affordable is the availability and option for deeply discounted generic medications provided conveniently to you in one spot & without the wait in line. THE TOWN DOCTOR® delivers discounted generic medication directly to your doorstep, with the price of medication offering savings reaching up to 95% less than even the largest retailers. Our member experience works continuously to allow you to leverage your healthcare spending and saving where you can. Many find the savings so significant it helps to offset the membership fee or cover it completely. If or when discussing any medication treatment with you, we will offer generic medication allowing you to save even more.

CONTROLLED MEDICATION - Please note, THE TOWN DOCTOR® does not stock or dispense any controlled medication.


Individualized specifically for your medical needs ensuring wellness & good health. Includes EKG, goal setting and full review of health systems &  screening recommendations.  Well women care included*. 

*labwork and/or pathology if needed is  provided at discounted rates and a patient responsibility


We provide up to a 95% savings on generic medication and discounted lab work, along with affordable imaging and ancillary services. With ZERO co-pays and our up-front pricing we share our savings with you, so you can put your money back in your pocket. 

When labs, medication or imaging is ordered, you will have the opportunity to purchase for a cash price at a deeply discounted rate. It also means we will only order tests that you absolutely need, instead of extra medication or testing requiring approval and cost to the patient that the insurance might require when billed through insurance.